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  • Photo du rédacteurH.O.G.® Benelux

The Great Relay is a motorcycle relay, in which each stage is a public ride-out. Starting point will always be a local H-D dealer. The H.O.G. chapter affiliated with that dealer has plotted a great route that ends at the next H-D dealer. Over there the caravan will be welcomed in cooperation with the local H.O.G. chapter.

The next day that chapter will leave toward the next H-D dealership with the Pan America™ in its midst. This 15,000-kilometer adventure is the ultimate test for Harley-Davidson's first Adventure Touring model, which is built to push boundaries and shake up relationships in the all-road segment. The rugged, technologically advanced motorcycle is designed from the ground up to give riders confidence and help them take on the adventure, wherever the route takes them.

Not only will you get the chance to experience the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ for yourself, but you'll also be able to help raise money for Two Wheels For Life.

The Great Relay supports this relief organization, which has been using motorcycles in African countries as a means of transportation for health care since 1989. On motorcycles they educate and vaccinate communities, transport medicines and vaccines and support local doctors. In doing so, they provide as many as 47 million people with more or better access to health care, including COVID-19 vaccines.

The Great Relay has everything it takes to become an unforgettable adventure, and with a golden edge. So ride along (and donate)! There are great prizes for fundraisers who raise the most money, such as a trip to Africa to see the work of Two Wheels for Life with their own eyes! Join us !

More info about The Great Relay, the route, participating dealers and chapters and of course the new Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ can be found at


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